Entertainment for Daycares and Camps

At Mr. Productions DJ Service, I (Michael Pircio) provide DJ entertainment at daycares and camps. I have many years of experience DJ'n at children parties. Mr. Productions DJ Service has won multiple awards for Best DJ Services. What does this mean? It means you can email, call, or text an experienced, award-winning, professional DJ to discuss your music and timeline when you are in your planning stages. What I offer:

Clean Fun Music

I play age appropriate music. I start the party or event, and I keep it going. I am a Certified Responsible DJ with the School Dance Network. This means I follow the songs students are listening to, and more importantly I know the Do Not Play lists for schools because of inappropriate lyrics.


I have DJ'd for toddlers, pre-schoolers, and school age children. I have DJ'd at daycares, moveathons, danceathons, school dances, Halloween, Valentines, Christmas dances, award banquets, bbqs, family dances, spaghetti dinners, activity days, and fundraisers.

Community Helper Presentations

I have also visited class rooms as a Community Helper and talked about DJ'n at schools. I describe what a DJ does, talk about the equipment, let them ask a few questions, and then have a dance party. It works great for smaller groups in a classroom.


Events no longer are limited to the weekends. I am available for daytime, afternoon, and evening parties on weekday as well.

Multiple Sessions

Have multiple sessions for each group of children. Anywhere from 15-45 minute sessions for the younger ones, and 30 minutes to 2 hours for the older children.

Interactive MC

I play age appropriate games and music to encourage student participation. Please let me know if you are interested in having games to encourge child and staff participation. You can supply prizes and toys as prizes if you wish.

Professional Equipment

Only professional sound systems are used. I recommend speakers based on the location, and the number of students. I can setup inside or outside. If setting up outside, a canopy or a covered area will be required for the DJ area.


I use forms that organize songs for your school age children. A few weeks before the party, you can make a game with the children and ask for the favourite songs, and then scan/email the forms to me. The forms have a Must Play list, and a Do Not Play list. School age children can also provide their own request sheets, and make requests at the dance. I always review for appropriate songs, and play as many requests as I can at the party.

Online Guest Requests

Optional website that allows students to login and make song requests before the party. I review these requests as well.

Awesome Light Shows

I can bring a light show to your location, based on the time of day, room size, the number of children, and your preferences. Choose from basic lights, up-lighting, intelligent lights, disco ball, strobes, black lights, and lasers.

Music Video Dance

Excellent for children. Choose a theme for your party, and I can display popular and memorable music videos on a projection screen, with big sound. I screen the videos as well as the music to make sure they are age appropriate. Theme ideas for children: Kids Bop, Disney, Beach Day, etc.

Special Effects

I have various special effects to enhance the event as well. Ask about having a dry ice machine, a bubble machine, or a fog machine.