DJ at a Christmas Party

DJ for a Christmas Party

Looking for a DJ for a Christmas party in Hamilton? You've found the right guy! I'm Michael Pircio, the owner and DJ at Mr. Productions DJ Service. I have over 15 years experience DJ'n at Christmas Parties in Hamilton and the surrounding area. Most of the time, people like to dance and have fun at Christmas parties. If you are looking for a non-dance type of entertainment at your Christmas party, you could have Karaoke, or a Music Video Dance. Karaoke is great if you know people at your party who love to sing. Music Videos are great to play in the background as people arrive at your Christmas party and make great conversation, since you can see music videos from you favourite artists on the big screen, with big sound. Many times people have not seen the music videos for a particular song, and sometimes the videos are really funny and entertaining. If you are looking for a dance party, a DJ might be your best option. You can ask the DJ to play a Name That Tune game to engage the guests perhaps during dinner. You can have holiday tunes playing while guests are arriving, and then switch over to dance music later on at the event. There are many different options available, however the main goal should be to have music that the guests will want to hear. A great DJ will play the read the crowd, and play the right songs at the right time to really get the rocking! Many DJs play games at their functions. Some games and songs are cheesey, and some are fun. A great DJ will be able to match the vibe you are looking for. If you think that games might work at your Christmas party, you can have a few small prizes to giveaway to make the games more fun. If you have any questions at all and would like to discuss DJ services for your Christmas Party, please contact me today!